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グルトリンゲルグルトリンゲル フランシスフランシス
Francis Gurtlinger



**Who am I** As Real Estate agents with over 16 years of living in Japan, I have lived for one year in Tohoku (Aomori Ken) and 15 years in the Kasnai (Kyoto Fu) and Hokuriku (Ishikawa Ken). I am a foreign resident turned Permanent Resident. I am a husband (my wife is Japanese) and a father. **I FOCUS ON MY CLIENTS AND THEIR FAMILIES NEEDS** My goal is to OPEN UP and make JAPANESE REAL ESTATE EASILY ACCESSABLE to foreign Residences in Japan. **I know how you feel** I have a lot of experience using and dealing with Japanese Real Estate companies like Apaman Shop, Sumo, UR, Leo Palace, and even experience dealing with Real Estate in the Japanese country side. Even though I can speak Japanese very well. As a foreigner I know that feeling of uncertainty and nervousness you have or that feeling in the pit of your stomach when you first walk into a Japanese Real Estate Agency by yourself and ask for help in finding an apartment. If that language and cultural barrier is there its almost dreadful especially the look on the faces of the agents when you first walk in the Japanese agency. **WORDS YOU WILL HEAR AND TO GET FAMILAR WITH** 保証人(hoshounin) Guarantor 礼金(Reikin) Key money, Even in English what the H@*% is this, why does it exist? 敷金(shikikin) Security deposite. 固定資産税(Koteishisanze) Property Tax, when buying a home. **Questions you might have in your mind** The dreaded up front costs of renting an apartment, WHY AM I PAYING THIS FEE, WHAT IS THIS? When you find something you like might even have another questions, I LIKE IT BUT CAN A FOREINGER EVEN RENT THIS PLACE? **Once you live there, QUESTIONS AFTER YOU FIND YOUR PLACE** Utilities? Who do I contact? How do I meet the neighbors? Problems with the Landlords? NOISE? What do I do? **AFTER YOU SIGN THE CONTRACT JAPANESE AGENCIES** You might feel like they might as well say this: さようなら! YOUR ON YOUR OWN! But contact us when you leave or recontract. When you leave the apartment you might have to pay closing fees too and if you do not know about this or forget it could be surprising. **How you feel after** STRESSED AND UNCERTAIN Real Estate in Japan can be really stressful and sometimes leave you with uncertainty. GOOD NEWS THERE IS A SOLUTION: *****MY OFFER TO YOU***** **EASY to UNDERSTAND with NO LANGUAGE OR CULTURAL BARRIERS** **Listen to you and your family’s needs** **Keep you informed and up to speed on the whole process of renting, buying a home, or investing in Japanese Real Estate** **Make sure you understand the up front costs and closing costs if any when renting an apartment, buying a home or Investing in Japanese Real Estate** **AFTER THE CONTRACT IS SIGNED** **Continue to helping you with any problems, questions, utilities, city hall, and give you advice while you live in Japan.** **ONE OF A KIND SERVICE** **I FOCUS ON MY CLIENTS AND THEIR FAMILIES NEEDS**


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